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Be An Ambassador

Ambassador Outreach

Be An Ambassador  SpreadingTheWord Neighbor to neighbor outreach

What better way to spread the word about welcoming than through the voices of those who have been resettling, advocating and supporting the welcoming movement?

We want you to share your story, convictions, and what you have learned to increase awareness, understanding of and support for the welcoming movement in your communities.

Is there a Rotary Club, a church group or a school PTA or student body in your town that would like to hear about your personal passion and your organization's effort and experience in resettlement?  All you have to do is ask and offer to get on their calendar.

If you would like, a member of the WRI team can join you in delivering a compelling power point presentation.

Help us spread the word and grow the grassroots effort.

To learn more about volunteering to be an Ambassador, or to have an Ambassador meet with your group, send an email to  Write "Ambassador" in the subject line.