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Who we are


We are a volunteer-driven refugee and immigrant-serving organization based in the Hudson Valley region of New York. Our currency is the more than 2,000 grassroots people of goodwill, volunteers who have come together to welcome, assist and advocate for refugees in our communities. We grow stronger by inspiring, educating and equipping others to welcome our new neighbors. Convening at the grassroots level to resettle refugees,  investing in education about the refugee experience for cross-cultural understanding and inclusion, and advocating for welcoming policies are the key to systemic change in how this country welcomes those fleeing violence and persecution in their own countries.

IMPACT:  More than 70 refugees resettled in our New York communities; Over 450 refugees served per year plus 41 families––143 individuals assisted in 2019. During COVID-19, we have raised more than $30k toward our goal of $100k so that we can continue to provide urgent and longer-term assistance to the most vulnerable--those who left one life-threatening crisis for a new beginning and are facing a life-altering pandemic.

Why Cryptocurrency 

Hearts & Homes for Refugees is an early adopter of cryptocurrency and understand its role in changing the world, particularly in the world of giving where crypto donors are having a profound impact in the most needed areas. 

We are the recipient of a Pineapple grant in 2017.  Because of that bitcoin donation, Hearts & Homes has been able to build a deeply rooted grassroots welcoming movement by tapping the energy and goodwill of thousands of volunteers and supporters who have helped resettle our new neighbors and changed the lives of hundreds of refugees and asylees in our area.

When we received the Pineapple grant, the financial impact was organization-altering.  There was an unexpected outcome. The nascent welcoming movement was inspired by the faith of one anonymous donor and an overwhelming number of people wanted to be part of welcoming refugees.  In fulfilling our mission, we recognize our commitment to the refugees but also to those joiners who depend on Hearts & Homes to continue providing opportunities to advocate and stand up for our newest neighbors.

Hearts & Homes in the Time of COVID 

Hearts & Homes was born into challenging times.  First, there was a shift in US policies designed to dismantle the US Refugee Program, and now, a pandemic. Our foundation is strong and we are meeting the challenges of the pandemic by expanding our capacity to do what we do best–– assist the most vulnerable ––refugees, asylees and asylum seekers.  They are former refugees, and for them, this crisis is deja vu. Once again our newest neighbors are hoping to stay alive and survive. 

Through our wide and growing network of volunteers and supporters, Hearts & Homes is addressing food insecurity, rent, utilities, health care and unemployment and providing information about surviving and looking beyond the COVID crisis.  

For as long and far as we are able, Hearts & Homes will strengthen safety nets and be the family network that many of the most vulnerable of our new neighbors do not have.  

We accept the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, ZEC & GUSD. 

Hearts & Homes for Refugees is a 501(c)3 in the USA and donations are tax-deductible as allowable by law.