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What We Believe

Our Charter

Hearts & Homes for Refugees is a refugee and immigrant-serving organization. 

We are a community-based, not-for-profit, humanitarian organization, started in 2016 to welcome refugees to the U.S. 

We recognize the common human desire to live in a safe place with hope for the future. 

We believe that bringing people together to stand up for those fleeing violence and threats is the best way to assist our new neighbors in rebuilding their lives.  

We are part of a large network of volunteers, partners, supporters who offer their time and share their own resources to build more welcoming communities and be good neighbors. Our network includes individuals, religious groups, students and political leaders. 

We advocate for local and national policies that support refugees. 

We strive to be an anti-racist, inclusive organization and seek to educate and motivate our communities to be the same. We respect the experience, identity, and beliefs of all people. 

We work with many partners, including Catholic Charities, HIAS, the American Muslim Women’s Association, the Interfaith Council for New Americans-Westchester, Neighbors for Refugees, Rivertown for Refugees, Sarah Lawrence College and more.

We welcome new volunteers and actively seek others to join the welcoming movement.

During the COVID crisis, we have expanded financial support, assistance with job searches and unemployment insurance, English lessons via video and more. 

Statement on Black Lives Matter  

To be a truly welcoming country, we must eradicate racism. Each and every one of us has a responsibility in bringing about long-overdue change in this country.

We believe that welcoming the stranger and providing refuge is a moral imperative.

We believe in defending and welcoming those fleeing violence and persecution.

We value diverse perspectives.

We insist on inclusive communities.  

We stand against bias, xenophobia and racism. 

We believe that change starts at the grassroots level.

We will continue our work to mobilize others and to create more educated and tolerant individuals and communities.

We believe that each of us must promote and take part in uncomfortable but important conversations and actions.

We all have a stake in the outcome as Americans and as humans.